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Jill's books are just two of the 115 bestsellers in a row we've created. Through our unmatched results we've proven ourselves capable of supporting authors achieve their goals to the highest level. Our authors are getting fantastic results, and our book writing programs are sold out consistently. 

We focus all our time and attention on helping aspiring authors who really have the commitment to start a movement with their messages - people who are going to make 2016 the year that they make an impact on thousands of lives - people who really want to make a difference in the world with their book and are willing to put the work in to do it.

This means that our programs are not open to everyone - but only to the highest potential candidates who prove that they are ready and willing to invest as much into themselves as we are into them.

Successful applications clearly demonstrate your commitment to do what it takes to transform yourself and your readers, to use the professional support you need, and to dedicate a percentage of your time to publising your book and executing the marketing plan we'll help you develop. They also display readiness to take action now, and the integrity that you must have to write a book that truly serves your readers (as opposed to fulfilling an ego-based dream of being published).

If you have these qualities, then we have everything we need from you to help you create a bestselling book and change thousands of lives, and we invite you to apply below.

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