Does Your Kid Want to Be A Successful YouTuber Like DanTDM, StampyCat, and Markiplier?

I'm Michael Buckley, one of the original YouTube partners and since 2007 I've built my channel to one million subscribers.  

Having A YouTube channel is something that millions of kids want, but very few of them get anywhere.

Most parents don't that starting and running a YouTube channel is an awesome opportunity for your kids to learn how to create the life they love by following their passion.

So I want to give you my FREE book for parents, Help! My Kid Wants To Become A YouTuber, so you understand what your kid is doing on YouTube and what they should do to be successful.

AND I want to give your kid a FREE TRIAL WEEK of my online course, Become A YouTuber. In the course I'll teach your kid EXACTLY what they need to do to create their channel and get views and subscribers.

The AWESOME thing about this is that, by teaching them how to create and run their YouTube channel, they're going to have a ton of fun they'll learn the types of skills every successful person has to have in order to make in the world.

Skills like resilience, sticking to a schedule, financial literacy, people skills, networking, dealing with feedback, and loads more!

Most of all, they'll learn that it's OK to follow their passion in life and that they can make money and love what they do.

School is great... but aren't these the lessons everyone should learn while they're young?

The book is free forever. The first week of the course is completely free, and you choose to continue with it you'll be charged a one-time fee of $197. Or you can unsubscribe during the first week and you'll never pay a penny.

Hi, my name is Jesse. I’m 10 years old and in 5th grade. I have been a fan of YouTubers for many years and I’ve always wanted a popular YouTube channel like my favorite YouTubers DanTDM, StampyCat and Markiplier

My mom has a really successful business helping entrepreneurs write books and I wanted to have a business too doing what I love - but she never had time to help me.

For a whole year I begged her to help me get my YouTube channel set up because there was just some stuff I couldn’t figure out on my own and I knew she would know how to do it. She got me a stack of books on being a kidpreneur and gave them to me before she left on a business trip one day. My dad is an entrepreneur too and I asked him to help me start my business but he was always too busy. 

I Really Needed Help

My mom kept promising me she’d help and sometimes she would but then she would get busy again and keep forgetting. It was making me really mad. But I got a couple pieces of software like video editing software and screen capture software and I kept trying to do it myself. I have to say I am lucky because she has bought me a lot of nice computers… but what I really needed was help.

My Mom Really Believes In Working With The Right Mentor

Finally after a lot of begging, my mom decided to hire someone to help me. 

I know I’m really lucky and most parents wouldn’t do this, but she found a really awesome YouTuber with over 1,000,000 subscribers to help me. His name is Michael Buckley. You might know him from his YouTube show What the BUCK?

Over the last couple months, Michael has been helping me do all the things I couldn’t figure out how to do on my own. 

I went from an empty channel to lots of videos, followers, and interviews with famous YouTubers like EvanEra TV and Zack Scott!

I know exactly how to build and grow my channel and now when my mom does have time to help we get to work on fun stuff together and I’m not mad at her anymore for not helping. I can just show her the cool stuff I’m making and all the new subscribers and comments I’m getting.

Now I know exactly how to build and grow my channel 

..and when my mom does have time to help we get to work on fun stuff together and I’m not mad at her anymore for not helping. I can just show her the cool stuff I’m making and all the new subscribers and comments I’m getting.

Like I said, I KNOW I’m really lucky and not every parent can hire a mentor for their kids. Plus, the truth is, there aren’t many YouTubers I know who offer mentorships like this. I think the only reason Michael said yes to me is because my mom and him were friends when they were teenagers. 

I asked Michael if there was anyway he would teach all the stuff he’s taught me to other kids of entrepreneurs and he said YES!!!!!!

Because I know your Mom or Dad probably didn’t happen to go to school with a now-famous YouTuber, chances are you wouldn’t have the opportunity I have and that made me feel kind of bad.

I was so excited because now I can share with you what I learned from my mentor and meet other kids of entrepreneurs too which is one of my favorite things to do. There is something that kids of entrepreneurs get that the other kids at my school just don’t understand. So even though I asked Michael to create this product for you, it’s also for me because now I get to meet lots more kids like me with busy parents who are making a big difference with their work. 

If you want to build a YouTube channel that gets more and more subscribers and gets more popular, this course is for you. 

It doesn’t have to be Let’s Play videos which is the kind I like to make. You can make cooking videos (I also love Better Bolder Baking for instance!) or videos with your friends, or just make personal vlogs like Michael does now. And you can get lots of followers and fans and get to meet other famous YouTubers.

This course is really easy and takes all the best stuff that I learned from Michael to get my first 1,000 subscribers.  

...And I'm well on my way! My mom has spent thousands of dollars in software, equipment and mentoring to help me get set up but if you get this course you will be able to learn everything that took me 2 years to learn in just a few weeks and you won’t have to spend nearly as much money as I did.

We bought 3 computers before we found the right one, and 3 microphones, and like 5 different screen capture software, and we made so many mistakes. All together including the investment my mom made in working with Michael we have spent $12,430 getting my business going! YIKES! That is a lot of money to spend on a 10-year-old. Like I said - I know I’m lucky. 

This course costs less than 2% of the total investment my mom made in my channel.

If you get this program though you will save almost all of that. and then you’ll need to budget some other money for software and equipment but you won’t have to buy the wrong stuff like we did so you will save at least 67% on making mistakes with what you buy.

Michael is going to teach you what equipment you need. How to get everything set up correctly. How to come up with ideas for connect. How to drive traffic to your videos. And how to create co-labs where you share traffic with friends - maybe friends you meet from doing this course!

Plus he makes it really easy and even kids with ADD like me can follow his instructions. (Secretly I’m pretty sure Michael had ADD when he was a kid because he totally gets me and how my mind is always jumping around.)

If you want to get YouTube famous this is the perfect place to start.

And if your parents want to see you happy and building an audience of your own like the one they have, they will have fun watching your channel grow. My mom is so proud of my channel and it makes me really understand how hard she works in her business so now I’m not bugging her nearly as much!

The book is free forever. The first week of the course is completely free, and you choose to continue with it you'll be charged a one-time fee of $197. Or you can unsubscribe during the first week and you'll never pay a penny.

About The Free Book

This book is the ultimate parent's guide to having a kid on YouTube. It tells you everything they need to know, and it also gives you a solid outline of the BecomeAYouTuber online course that your kid will be taking so you'll know exactly what I'm teaching them.

When you get the trial of the course on the next page, you'll be sent this book via email. You can read it on your phone or your computer, or you can print it!

About The Become A YouTuber Online Course 

Become A YouTuber has everything your kid needs to start a successful YouTube channel from scratch, and start building subscribers. 

18 Video Lessons

15 Video Lessons with everything your kid needs to build a growing YouTube channel from scratch

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Become A YouTuber Teaches Your Child To Create The Life And Business They Love By Following Their Passion

The book is free forever. The first week of the course is completely free, and you choose to continue with it you'll be charged a one-time fee of $197. Or you can unsubscribe during the first week and you'll never pay a penny.

Course Overview

Hosted In A Private Student Center, 15 Lessons That Help Your Kid Build A Successful YouTube Channel From Scratch! 

How to create your YouTube channel and make it look good so people will get interested when they click on it.

You've created your channel but if you aren't ready to upload video of your own just yet, you can create playlists so it's easier for other people to find great videos.

Explore your passions and find out what you want to create with your channel.

All of the YouTubers that Michael and Jesse have interviewed have one thing in common, they all say you have to create a channel around something you love to do. 

How to powerfully interact with other people on YouTube so people will find out about your channel.


In order for people to find your videos, understanding metadata is key. It might not be the most interesting part of being a YouTuber but you gotta make sure people can find you.


The basics of where to start and a little insight to where you might be going!

Sticking To A Schedule

The importance of having a regular upload schedule where you upload frequently and consistently.

Strategies to handle a viral video or massive influx of subscribers. 

Promoting Your Videos

If you want people to see your videos, you are going to need to promote them. This can be hard for some people, but we want you to love this part.  

The YouTube Community

One of the best parts of being a YouTuber is getting to meet other YouTubers and becoming friends with fans and fellow content creators.

Dealing With Internet Comments

What happens when you get mean comments and how to handle it on the inside and out..

How To Make Money On YouTube

Monetizing YouTube is possible. We don't want you to Become a YouTuber just for cash, we want you to do it because you love it, but making money is a great side benefit!.

YouTube Collaborations

You have to be able to collaborate with other YouTubers so other people can know about you and you can know about other people. This class comes with a special bonus so watch carefully!

YouTube Conferences

Meeting fans and other YouTubers is not only important to growing your business but it's really fun! You can promote your channel, make lots of videos and collaborate in person.

“This book and course contains everything Michael Buckley taught my son to create his successful YouTube channel, but at less than 2% of what I invested in his mentorship. AND he'll be there to support your child, too!”

 Dr. Angela Lauria, President of The Author Incubator

The book is free forever. The first week of the course is completely free, and you choose to continue with it you'll be charged a one-time fee of $197. Or you can unsubscribe during the first week and you'll never pay a penny.

About Michael & Jesse

Michael Buckley

Michael Buckley was one of the first generation of online stars as the award-winning host of the “What the Buck Show” on YouTube. Buck was one of the first YouTube Partners in 2007 and has been a full time YouTuber since 2008 where he is a well respected member of the community. 

He won the YouTube Award for Best Commentary, the Next New Breakout Web Star of the Year Award and has been Streamy and Webby Award nominated for Best Host. He has hosted long running online shows for Sony Pictures Television and Iconic TV. In 2012, he won the Live with Kelly co-host contest. He also has done Figure Skating commentary for Ice Network and NBC Sports.

Buck has appeared on NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, Fox News, DIrectTV, The CW, E!, CNN, MSNBC discussing his YouTube success and his story was featured on the front page of the New York Times inspiring many other current YouTube stars.

He believes no matter what your passion in life, YouTube is the best platform to create and connect.

Known as MrMalhotra to his fans, Jesse is passionate about three things - Minecraft, growing his YouTube channel, and helping other kids like him with a desire to entertain while sharing the things they love to do through video. 

He's currently in 5th grade at Janney Elementary in Washington DC. Both of his parents are entrepreneurs and he especially loves connecting with other kids of small business owners.

Help your kid learn Business Skills, People Skills, Financial Literacy, Sticking To A Schedule, and much more while having a TON OF FUN becoming a Successful YouTuber!